Thursday MoRNING Devotional, 06 June 2024

Thursday MoRNING Devotional, 06 June 2024

Thursday: Witnessing the Glory of God

Scripture Reading: John 11:40-44

Reflection: Today’s scripture captures a pivotal moment where Jesus calls Lazarus out of the tomb, prefaced by a challenge to Martha: “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you would see the glory of God?” This statement is a profound call to faith, not just for Martha but for all believers. Jesus emphasizes that belief is the lens through which the glory of God becomes visible to us.

In this narrative, Jesus demonstrates His power over death, but the miracle also serves a larger purpose. It reveals His divine identity and offers a glimpse of the Kingdom of God, where death has no hold. For those who witnessed this miracle, their faith was transformed—not only did they see a man rise from the dead, but they also saw the glory of God manifest through Jesus Christ.

Reflect on your own experiences: When have you witnessed the glory of God in your life? It could be through a direct answer to prayer, a change in a difficult situation, or even a moment of profound peace amidst chaos. Consider how these instances have shaped or strengthened your faith.

Prayer: Father, help me to cultivate a heart that believes deeply in Your power and promises. I want to see Your glory displayed in my life and through my circumstances. Increase my faith, so I might be a witness to others of Your greatness and love. As I face each day, let my life be a testimony to the miraculous works You still perform in the lives of Your people. Amen.

Action Step: Identify one area in your life today where you need to see God’s glory. It could be a personal challenge, a relationship issue, or a professional obstacle. Commit to praying daily for God’s intervention, and be intentional about looking for signs of His glory. Write these observations in a journal, noting how they reflect His presence and power. Share these reflections with a friend or family member at the end of the week to testify to the reality of God’s ongoing work in your life. This act of sharing can also encourage others to seek and recognize God’s glory in their own lives.