The Impatient Mercy and Grace of our God – Judges 10

The Impatient Mercy and Grace of our God – Judges 10

Preached at the Evening Worship Service, 26 May 2024

Here is a series of reflective questions designed to deepen understanding and application of the sermon on Judges 10 and its fulfillment in Christ:

Personal Examination: In what ways might you be repeating the cycle of sin, like the Israelites in Judges 10? Are there specific areas or habits in your life that reflect a pattern of disobedience to God?

Understanding Idolatry: Reflect on what modern “idols” you might be tempted to prioritize over your relationship with God. How can you actively work to remove these idols from your life?

Repentance and Grace: When you think about repentance, what does it mean to you personally? Does your understanding of repentance lead to lasting change, or do you find yourself struggling with the same issues repeatedly?

Spiritual Leadership vs. Temporary Fixes: Consider the roles of Tola and Jair and their limited impact on Israel’s spiritual fidelity. How can you ensure that your spiritual life is shaped by lasting transformation rather than temporary fixes?

Christ as Deliverer: How does recognizing Christ as the ultimate Judge and Deliverer change your perspective on the struggles or trials you face?

Living in Freedom: Galatians 5:1 encourages believers to stand firm in the freedom Christ has provided. In practical terms, what does this freedom look like in your daily life? How can you more fully embrace and live out this freedom?

Community Support: How can your church community support you in breaking cycles of sin? Conversely, how can you help others in your community to live more faithfully?

Drawing Near to God: Hebrews 4:16 speaks of approaching God’s throne of grace with confidence. What steps can you take to approach God more boldly in prayer, especially in times of need or when repenting?

Impact of the Holy Spirit: Reflect on the role of the Holy Spirit in your life. How do you see His influence in your actions, decisions, and growth in faith?

Continuous Improvement: What are some specific ways you can continually examine your life for sin and areas needing growth? How can you make this examination a regular part of your spiritual discipline?

These questions are intended to guide personal reflection or group discussion, helping to internalize the key themes of the sermon and apply them in a meaningful way.