Seven Signs of the Savior: #7 The Raising of Lazarus John 11

Seven Signs of the Savior: #7 The Raising of Lazarus John 11

Reflective questions on the sermon “The Resurrection of Lazarus” can serve as a guide for personal meditation or group discussion. Here are some suggestions:

Understanding God’s Timing: In the sermon, it was mentioned that Jesus delayed visiting Lazarus as a demonstration of His love, intending to reveal His glory (John 11:4-6). Reflect on a time when God’s timing in your life seemed perplexing. How did you see His purpose unfold in hindsight?

Faith Beyond Sight: Jesus told His disciples that He was glad not to have been there when Lazarus died, for the sake of their faith (John 11:14-15). How does this account challenge you to trust God’s power even when His actions don’t align with your expectations?

Theological Belief vs. Personal Trust: Martha acknowledged a future resurrection but struggled to see Jesus’ immediate power over death (John 11:21-27). How do you differentiate between theological knowledge and personal trust in your own life? Can you identify areas where you believe in God’s power theoretically but struggle to trust it in your daily circumstances?

The Role of Trials: The sermon suggests that trials and delays are used by God to deepen our understanding of His character and power. How does the story of Lazarus encourage you to view your personal trials as opportunities for spiritual growth and deeper faith?

Witnessing to the Resurrection: The resurrection of Lazarus led many to believe in Jesus, but also intensified opposition against Him (John 11:45-57). How does the resurrection power of Jesus impact your own witness? Are there ways you feel called to share the hope of Christ’s resurrection power with others?

Eternal Perspective on Death: Reflecting on Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 5:8, “To be absent from the body (is) to be at home with the Lord,” how does the hope of resurrection influence your attitude towards death and your daily living?

Jesus as the Resurrection and the Life: Jesus claims, “I am the Resurrection and the Life” (John 11:25). How does this identity of Jesus as both Resurrection and Life shape your understanding of salvation and eternal life?

These questions are intended to deepen your reflection on the sermon and to encourage an application of its truths in your life.