13 The Tragedy of Disunity Among God’s People – Judges 12

13 The Tragedy of Disunity Among God’s People – Judges 12

Reflective questions following a sermon can help deepen understanding and encourage personal application of the message. Here are several questions based on the sermon about Judges 12 and the leadership of Christ:

Personal Reflection on Conflict:

Think of a recent conflict you experienced. Could it have been handled differently? What steps could you take next time to prevent escalation?

Assessing Inclusivity:

Reflect on your role in your various communities (e.g., family, church, workplace). Are there ways you could help ensure that everyone feels included and valued? What specific actions can you take to make others feel more welcome?

Leadership Style:

Consider the leadership styles of the judges mentioned in Judges 12. How does your own style of leadership or influence compare? In what ways can you incorporate more of Christ’s approach to leadership in your daily interactions?

Role in Church Unity:

What role do you currently play in promoting unity within your church or spiritual community? Are there unresolved issues that you could help address? What steps might you take to foster a more unified community?

Servant Leadership:

How does the concept of servant leadership manifest in your life? Can you think of a situation where you could have served others better? What might servant leadership look like in your context going forward?

Learning from Mistakes:

Reflect on a time when your actions might have contributed to division rather than unity. What did you learn from that experience, and how can you apply that lesson in the future?

Christ as a Model:

How well do you feel you follow Christ’s model of humility, service, and peacemaking? What steps could you take to more closely emulate His example?

Prayer and Reconciliation:

Is there someone with whom you need to seek reconciliation? How might you initiate that process, and how can you prepare your heart for those conversations?

Impacting Others:

How can you use your influence to positively impact others this week? Think about practical ways you can lead by example, showing Christ’s love in your actions.

Spiritual Growth:

What is one aspect of your spiritual life that you feel God is calling you to develop or improve? How can you actively work on this area starting today?

These questions are intended to prompt personal introspection and practical steps toward growth in leadership and unity, following the principles outlined in the sermon.