Morning sermon, 26 May 2024

Morning sermon, 26 May 2024

Based on the sermon on John 9, here are a series of reflective questions that can guide personal contemplation or group discussion:

1. Causation and Response:
• Reflect on a time when, like the neighbors of the blind man, you witnessed an unexpected change in someone. How did you respond? Were you more focused on understanding “how” it happened rather than its deeper meaning?

2. Perceptions of Jesus:
• How do your initial perceptions of Jesus compare to those of the blind man? Have your views evolved over time like his did from acknowledging Jesus simply as a man to recognizing Him as the Son of Man and Lord?

3. Spiritual Blindness:
• The Pharisees are depicted as spiritually blind in the sermon. In what ways might spiritual blindness affect our understanding of God’s works today? How can we guard against such blindness?

4. Confession and Opposition:
• The blind man confessed that Jesus healed him despite facing significant opposition. Can you recall a situation where you had to stand firm in your faith despite criticism or rejection? What gave you strength in that moment?

5. Insight from Trials:
• Consider the man’s progression in understanding and confessing who Jesus was through his trials. How have your own trials and challenges contributed to a deeper understanding of God and His purpose for you?

6. Witnessing and Growth:
• The sermon highlights the growth in the man’s witness about Jesus. How can you use your personal experiences and challenges to witness about Christ more effectively in your community?

7. Belief and Transformation:
• Jesus asked the man if he believed in the Son of Man. How does this question resonate with your own journey of faith? How has acknowledging Jesus’ true identity transformed your life and actions?

8. Responding to God’s Call:
• The blind man responded to Jesus with faith and worship. Reflect on how you are responding to Jesus’ call in your life today. What does it mean for you to ‘see’ Jesus and acknowledge Him as Lord?

These questions are designed to encourage a deeper reflection on how the biblical text applies to personal faith and challenges, drawing connections between Scripture and everyday life.