Morning Devotional Monday, 04 June 2024

Morning Devotional Monday, 04 June 2024

Tuesday: Faith Beyond Sight

Scripture Reading: John 11:14-15

Reflection: In today’s verses, Jesus openly shares with His disciples that He was glad not to have been there to prevent Lazarus’ death, stating that it was for their benefit, to help them believe. This statement underscores a profound spiritual principle: true faith often requires trusting beyond what we can see or understand.

This principle invites us to explore the depth of our own faith. How do we respond when God’s actions—or apparent inactions—contradict our expectations? When Jesus chose to stay away until Lazarus died, He was setting the stage for a miracle that would strengthen the faith of all who witnessed it. He was teaching His followers, including us today, that His ways are higher and His purposes deeper than we can comprehend.

Reflect on the situations in your life where you find it difficult to trust God. Perhaps it’s a persistent problem, a long-awaited dream that remains unfulfilled, or a challenging circumstance that seems to have no end. These are the moments when our faith is truly tested, when believing in God’s goodness and sovereignty requires us to trust beyond our sight.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, I confess that sometimes my faith wavers when I cannot see Your plan. In moments of uncertainty, remind me of Your faithfulness in the past, which assures me of Your faithfulness in the future. Help me to trust You fully, even when I do not understand Your ways. Strengthen my faith to believe that You are working all things together for good, even when the evidence seems to suggest otherwise. Teach me to rest in Your sovereign control over every aspect of my life. Amen.

Action Step: Identify a current challenge where you need to trust God beyond what you can see. Commit to daily surrendering this situation to God in prayer, asking Him to increase your faith. Each day, write down any thoughts, scriptures, or encouragements that remind you of God’s presence and power in this situation. Reflect on these daily as a means to build your trust in Him.