Morning Devotional 03 June 2024

Morning Devotional 03 June 2024

Monday: Understanding Jesus’ Delays

Scripture Reading: John 11:1-6

Reflection: In today’s passage, we find Jesus receiving news of Lazarus’ sickness, yet He chooses to stay where He is for two more days. This delay is puzzling at first glance, especially considering His deep love for Lazarus and his sisters. This act, however, was not born of neglect but of profound purpose. Jesus waited because His ultimate goal was not just to heal Lazarus but to reveal a greater glory—His power over death itself.

In our own lives, delays can often feel frustrating or confusing. We pray for solutions and resolutions, hoping they will come swiftly. Yet, sometimes, God’s timeline is different from our own. His delays are not denials but are orchestrated in perfect wisdom and love, designed to bring about a greater understanding of His sovereignty and power.

Take a moment to think about a time when a prayer seemed unanswered or a situation seemed stagnant. How did you feel during the wait? Looking back, can you see how God used that delay for good? Perhaps it strengthened your faith, taught you patience, or prepared you for what was to come. Reflect on the purpose that might have been served in that waiting period.

Prayer: Lord, it is often in the waiting that I find myself growing impatient or doubtful. Help me to see Your hand even in the delays. Teach me to trust that You are at work in ways I may not understand. Grant me the peace to wait with grace, knowing that Your timing is perfect and always aimed at revealing Your greater glory. May my heart remain steadfast, trusting in Your love and provision. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Action Step: Today, make a list of ongoing situations where you are experiencing delays or unanswered prayers. Commit to praying over this list daily, asking God to work through each delay and to help you see His purpose in the waiting. Keep a journal of any changes or insights you gain during this time of prayerful waiting.