Cemetery Policies

Cemetery Policies

Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery Provisions, Rules, and Regulations

as of 29 June 2023

Cemetery Custodian: Susie New, (864) 446-2083 / (864) 391-1062 cell

Asst. Custodian: Freddie Sealey, (864) 391-8896 / (864) 828-1300 cell

NOTICE TO MONUMENT COMPANIES & FUNERAL HOMES: Please contact the Custodian or Assistant Custodian before beginning any work in the cemetery! No Sunday work is allowed. “Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.”

To acquire a burial space allotment / reservation, contact the Cemetery Custodian or Assistant Cemetery Custodian.

a. All allocated and utilized spaces are the property of Lebanon Presbyterian Church and no title or deed to spaces will be issued.
b. Eligibility for Interment
i. Active Membership Allocations

  1. Those persons who were at the time of their decease members in good standing with the church (as defined by the church’s Book of Church Order) and their immediate household are eligible for burial in Lebanon Presbyterian Church’s Cemetery. In such cases, there is no charge for allocation of burial spaces.
  2. Members in good standing with the church may request a reservation of allocated spaces for themselves and those of their immediate household, at no charge. The reservation shall become invalid if the person ceases to be a member in good standing with the church, in which event the former member must pay a $600 fee per allocated space to retain reservation of space(s).
  3. Former members whose spouse is interred in the Cemetery may be interred without incurring the $600 allocation fee.
  4. Members with excess spaces will not be permitted to sell or give spaces to non-members.
    ii. Non-Member Allocations
  5. Non-members may apply for allocation of space(s) for burial, either at the time of need, or apply for reservation of allocated spaces in advance, subject to approval of the Committee. Upon approval, spaces may be allocated for a fee of $600 each. In no case shall spaces be resold.
    iii. All reserved allocated spaces (whether for members or for those who have a paid a fee for reservation) may revert to the church at its discretion for reallocation if not utilized within 50 years of initial allocation. There will be no repayment of reservation fees.
    c. All traditional in-ground body burials must utilize a suitable burial container, casket or coffin and be covered with a vault to minimize soil subsidence. Funeral homes shall provide information on the decedent, to include date of birth, date of death, full name of the decedent and name and contact information of the next-of-kin and/or person authorized to make arrangements for the burial.
    d. Cremated ( or similar methods ) Remains
    i. Any disposition of cremated remains must be arranged in advance with the Custodian or Assistant Custodian. Copies of the decedent’s cremation certificate must be provided before burial may proceed.
    ii. Cremated remains must be in a suitable container and buried. Biodegradable containers are permitted. No scattering of cremated remains upon the ground is allowed.
    iii. One set of cremated remains may be buried in a space already containing a traditional in-ground body burial. A suitable permanent head marker must be provided within one (1) year of burial of cremated remains.
    iv. Up to four (4) cremated remains may be buried in a space not containing a traditional body burial. Suitable permanent head markers must be provided within one year of burial of each cremated remains.
    v. Non-members who pay an allocation reservation fee for a space will be allowed either one (1) traditional body burial or one (1) burial of cremated remains in that space. Additional cremated remains may be buried in the space under the provisions of iii. and iv. above, with the payment of a $200 fee per set of cremated remains.
    e. A suitable permanent grave marker / monument must be erected within one (1) year of utilization of a space. The Cemetery Custodian or Assistant Custodian must be contacted and give approval before any permanent grave marker / monument is installed.
    f. If a double space (husband and wife) is reserved in advance of utilization, a headstone and coping may be emplaced. No additional coping may be installed for an extra space until that space is utilized. Coping may not extend beyond a 5 feet by 10 feet individual space allotment, 10 feet by 10 feet for a double space allotment. The Cemetery Custodian or Assistant Custodian must be contacted and give approval before any coping is installed to insure proper placement.
    g. Those receiving an allocation of space(s) and their descendants are responsible for the maintenance of their allocated space and monument(s) / grave marker(s). Families are encouraged to keep the Church updated as to their contact information.
    h. No trees or shrubbery may be planted. The Church will provide mowing and weed eating. The Cemetery from time to time may provide treatment for fire ants.
    i. Decorations (pennants, pinwheels, other materials) should not extend above the height of a space’s monument. Additional permanent statuary other than the grave marker / monument is not permitted. Stone benches are permitted within the space enclosed by coping. Any graves of veterans will have a small flag holder placed on or near the headstone, if possible, by the Cemetery, and a flag placed on it at suitable times by patriotic organizations. Flowers and wreaths are to be put into the rubbish bins after use. Any flowers or wreaths that appear to a member of the Committee to be faded or worn out may be removed at their discretion. Any flowers or decorations that appear to have blown off an allocated space may be disposed of by the groundskeeping staff.
    j. No pets are allowed in the Cemetery. Service animals are permitted. Owners are responsible for cleaning up.
    k. No vehicles may be driven into the cemetery unless prior permission has been given by the Custodian or Assistant Custodian of the Cemetery.