Cemetery Policies

Cemetery Policies

Lebanon Presbyterian Church Cemetery Provisions, Rules, and Regulations

as of 29 June 2023

Cemetery Custodian: Susie New, (864) 446-2083 / (864) 391-1062 cell

Asst. Custodian: Freddie Sealey, (864) 391-8896 / (864) 828-1300 cell

NOTICE TO MONUMENT COMPANIES & FUNERAL HOMES: Please contact the Custodian or Assistant Custodian before beginning any work in the cemetery!

To acquire a burial space allotment / reservation, contact the Cemetery Custodian or Assistant Cemetery Custodian

  1. Active Members of Lebanon Presbyterian Church at time of death and their immediate family (parent, spouse, or child living in the member’s household) – no charge for burial space allotment.
  2. Members with excess spaces will not be permitted to sell or give spaces to non-members.
  3. Non-church members will be charged $595 per grave space.
  4. Each individual owner will be responsible for maintenance of their space and monuments.
  5. No trees or shrubbery are to be planted.
  6. All flowers and wreaths are to be put into the rubbish bins after use.
  7. Size of the plot is to be determined by the number of spaces needed in the member’s immediate family.
  8. The Cemetery Custodian or the Assistant Cemetery Custodian should be contacted and give approval before coping and/or grave markers are installed.
  9. All grave sites must have a permanent head marker.